The what and why of my wallet

Modus operandi


I like travelling (the journey as well as destination) and don’t do it as much as I should so when I do so I aim for comforts.


I slide the risk gauge all the way to 11/10.


I will generally pay/absorb a higher fee — such as the UK AmEx Platinum’s 2.99% FX surcharge — for the corresponding points and insurance cover.

I want to be free (of humans)

I prefer to avoid human contact for my traditional banking needs.

My actual wallet

What is actually in my wallet — usually, but also when travelling. I use a card wallet (coins are rare, notes in a money clip).


Slot 1: American Express Platinum (referral link)

Metal with laser etching

When travelling

American Express British Airways Premium Plus (referral link)

Hitting spending limits

Reward cards (AmEx or otherwise) generally come with a spending target to trigger bonuses when you first get the card.

  • Buy gift cards / pre-paid vouchers
  • Order currency
  • Load TransferWise Borderless
  • Load (referral link)
  • Load Revolut (referral link)

Apple Card

Foreign Exchange

For foreign banking transactions outside of the plastic world, I use TransferWise Borderless to maintain various currency accounts and send/receive non-sterling (GBP) payments when I need to do so.


Equities etc

At the moment its just (referral link).

Main portfolio graph


I do not have a pension at the moment.

Lifetime ISAs

Lifetime ISAs aren’t not for everyone (I do not have one) but I bring them up as they can be a good choice for first time buyers.




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