IP address access control lists are not as great as you think they are

There ain’t no party like a TCP retry party


External IP addresses


The problem (what we are currently doing)

We try and identify the IP address ranges

We never truly understand what are behind these ranges because we can’t see behind them

We assume what is behind them is ‘good’

Thus, we incorrectly attribute trust

IP addresses as one indicator in defensive depth (how we should use/trust external IP address in ACLs)

Try and identify the IP address ranges

Understand IP addresses are just a mild indicator for potential trust

Consider the use-cases

Implement defensive depth

  • log access/activity
  • monitor access/activity
  • actual authentication (client certificates, magic links, usernames/passwords, single/same sign-on, multi-factor authentication etc)
  • actual authorisation
  • build in defences against denial of service attacks, brute force attempts and credential stuffing

Filter out the noise if it still makes sense to do so

So, what are you saying?

Can we have some real-world examples?




The thin blue line between technology and everything else. joelgsamuel.com

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Joel Samuel

Joel Samuel

The thin blue line between technology and everything else. joelgsamuel.com

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