Can we stop intercepting user traffic (aka Man-in-the-Middle) please?

first… clarifying scope

What many of us are doing right now

Installing our own Root Certificate Authority (CA)

Enforcing a web proxy

Breaking the HTTPS connection

Blocking websites based on categories



[Fake] Data Leak Protection (DLP)

Breaking things

Hiding things

Downgrading security

Maintaining a cumbersome whitelist


Pretending to manage risk & keeping your Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) / Senior Information Risk Owner (SIRO) happy

What we could be doing

Pay attention to our end-user devices

Filtering based on Domain Name System (DNS) results

Getting email security right

Filtering based on Server Name Indication (SNI)

Improving your monitoring

If you truly need to (hint: most of you won’t) invest in true DLP

Getting ready for TLS v1.3

Quickly commenting on the out of scope



The thin blue line between technology and everything else.

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