An idea to make the UK the safest place to live and work online

  1. Use technology to solve cybersecurity problems, don’t expect or make the general user do a bunch of stuff such as install a password manager (because they can’t/won’t)
  2. If you want to protect more people, you have to move the solutions ‘upstream’ — embed the security functions before the user on their device.
Generic cybersecurity / smartphone image

Consumer scams are all the rage

Scam delivery mechanisms

Telephone calls



Common bit of the puzzle

DNS is my big idea

Wait. What? How would that work?

You want all UK ISPs to send all DNS queries to the UK government?

That sounds hard to implement!

Isn’t a connection error a bad user experience?

What about encryption connections?

What about privacy scope-creep problems?

What would this all do?

Another tool in the defence utility belt

Would the UK government do it?

Here come the lawyers

Would it be worth it to implement?

Start with mobile data

What would it take to implement?

What about not the UK?

What do I do in the meantime?




The thin blue line between technology and everything else.

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Joel Samuel

Joel Samuel

The thin blue line between technology and everything else.

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